Secure Hosting Service, is a privately held technology company based out of Dhaka, Bangladesh. We own and maintain a wide area Internet network, provide hosting and cloud services, develop software, and perform systems and data center administration.

Secure Hosting Service
House: 29/1, Road: 1, Block: B
Banasree, Rampura
General Inquiries:
Network Operations:
Security & Abuse:

We operate a 24/7 Network Operations Center and Network Security and Abuse Desk. Any abuse or technical related issues should be addressed to the contact information provided above and an engineer will promptly investigate and resolve the issue. Responses may not be given for abuse reporting; however, please rest assured the issue is being handled with the utmost urgency and importance. We ask that any complaints clearly state the responsible IP address and include detailed logs where available. Without such information, it is difficult to resolve the reported issue.